Thursday, October 6, 2011


Funny Bunny Fridays

So is it that you are afraid
I might use your comments section
like the wall
of a public restroom stall?

Hell...y'all should be so lucky.

Some of the best wit
I ever saw
appeared in that little cubicle
where minions sat
and shat
and posted their witticisms
in that minimalist style
so reminiscent of Hemingway
or Raymond Carver
for all succeeding thinkers
and stinkers
to ponder and reflect upon--
next to the phone number
of some girl
who would show you a good time.

I never called
though I was tempted.

And who could ever forget
that timeless classic:

Here I sit
all broken hearted
ran sixteen blocks
and only farted

Those anonymous writers
were carrying forward the legacy
of the prehistoric cave artists--
or less romantic perhaps
they were the forerunners of the taggers.

It was the closest thing to the internet we had--
especially when the crapper
was located inside
an international airport terminal.

So no
I'm not concerned
about offending the laity.

I prefer spontaneity.

So come one
come all
and scribble something
on my wall.

It's only words
(as the Bee Gees once said)
after all.


  1. What I've always enjoyed about reading the commentary in restroom stalls is their puzzling ENTHUSIASM!

  2. I never did see such comments in public restrooms but then again, I never did go near an airport so...

    I guess commenting has become a social passtime in which we can say just about anything and don't have to be liked. though I would never try to approve a comment as I respect people's right to free speech. plus there's always the delete button.

    have a good day.

  3. BUBBA,
    Except in those pay toilets when they just took your last quarter !!!

    My sentiments exactly. Of course we must account for the difference between the men's and the women's restrooms. One would think that the writing in the women's stalls might be a little more genteel...not that I would know, of course.

    What kind of crack is that?

  4. ha. dude some of the best out there write on bathroom walls...that is where i go when my muse runs dry....

  5. Actually the comments on YOUR page are as entertaining as the actual poem. I enjoyed my visit today, I needed a laugh - I have seen some pretty graphic stuff on women's washroom walls, just so you know:) Especially in bus stations.

  6. One of the funniest things I ever saw on a restroom was in huge letters. It said HOOF HEARTED. It was painted on the ceiling. I don't know how the person who wrote it got up there. I laughed so much I almost wet myself. Lucky I was in a restroom.....

  7. I love reading bathroom walls they are so funny

  8. Very funny stuff! And yes there are some good ones on the walls.

  9. BRIAN,
    You might say they're just funnier than sh**!

    Now that surprises me about the feelthy theengs!

    I'll admit it took me about a minute before I figured that one out! And glad you were in the right place when you saw it !

    Thanks for being regular customers!

  10. very witty humor,Thanks for the tickles.

  11. "And the words of the prophets are written on the subway walls..."

  12. interesting to compare prehistoric artists to internet bloggers. good call.

    this is my entry

  13. now lets see if this adds today

  14. yay it did right here goes i think the ladies loo is the worst between the two with expicit drawings of mens dangly bits phone numbers and old women making the rudest noises ever which i can t help laughin at lol i can t understand why men use a trough why not just cubicles like women if i had to share like that i would never go id rather go behind a tree hmm what a conveient blog lol xxjen

  15. thats such crappy typing too tim lol xxjen the words convenient

  16. MORNING,
    Thanks for coming round in the early hours of every day.

    So true...only they didn't want to say "crapper walls" in the song.

    The Bee Gees were a vocal group that existed in prehistoric times--before smart phones, smart cars, and certain young smart asses...LOL!

    I knew if you kept trying, it would work ! Yes, I'm hearing from more and more women who say that the walls in the women's stalls are just as raunchy as the men's--if not worse. Who woulda thunk it? HA, I KNEW ALL THAT COYNESS AND DEMURENESS WAS AN ACT, LADIES !

  17. Be sure;
    Use but one square.
    Then use the sink,
    And soap dish there.

  18. I love the Bee Gees and yes you are right it is only words so I will come and write on your wall so cute and so well done

  19. MAGYAR,
    One square?
    Don't even try--
    If the tissue
    Is one-ply.

    Thanks for the scribble. (Now you can do your dribble.)

  20. Such fun! I like poetry that makes me giggle even more than that which makes me cry.

    You know, when you think of it, whether it's words coming out of the brain, or other matter out of the a$$ - it's all generally waste material.

  21. I have often wondered at that approval thing--you already have the power to delete anybody's comment, so what is the big fear here? Are you being paranoid or is someone really out to get you? If so, wouldn't you like the fun of answering them, making them look like the idiots they are? Perhaps that's just me. ;_) Enjoyed your comparisons here--esp the airport bathroom-internet thing, that one's almost to close for comfort.

  22. BEVERLY,
    You are so right. Maybe that's where the term "brain fart" came from!!!

    We're all just seeking approval...DAMN those blog owners who make you wait for it ! LOL

  23. haha yeah screw the approval, got rid of that WV crap too, sent it to the loo and nice job in rhyme, such a fun time. Oh and I have some bathroom talk for you and have no fear of it getting spread around to a few. "Sit on it"..hahaha

  24. Poem of the day. Thanks for sharing!

  25. you are too much. I love this - and "shat" - LOL

  26. Bathroom stall poetry. Always attracted the most charming of sorts, to be sure. Nice work!

  27. I love this, very witty and totally true :)

  28. This was much fun, as opposed to my current dirge. I would love to write on your wall as long as we agree that's a metaphor. But in my current poem I reveal my true age.... Even tho' everyone, all two people I regularly see, say I don't look a hair over 50. xxxj

  29. Very funny. Some of my blogs are restricted in that way because I'm afraid of spam and also I was being stalked by a troll at one time, I'm not about to let him start trouble by posting whatever he likes on it. Yes I can delete it, but I can spare my visitors the ugly language and not-safe-for-work links. You'll be surprise at how nasty some people can get on the web.

  30. Clever and witty! You are funny~ I loved your comment on Bubba's site wanting Cookie's phone number, lol

  31. PAT HATT,
    I'll tell you one thing...
    you're the rhyming king!

    Thanks tell me, everyone--who will admit to have written on those walls?

    Nice to see you here.

    Hey, it takes courage to reveal one's age--look at all the 80 year olds who are still claiming 29!

    Ah feel your pain, missy! I'm sure it's more common for a woman to be stalked by some sex-crazed person of the opposite gender (oh, why wasn't I born a woman?)

    Thanks so much. Flattery will get you everywhere.


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