Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Ambrosius Bosschaert
"Bouquet of Flowers on a Ledge"

June 5, 2011

Delia awakes in a dream
in which a flower vase
teetering on a lofty ledge
uses every ounce of free will
to either cling to what is known
or take the plunge--
the roses in the vase more alive
than the people below who shuffle along
in a dream
of a dream
of life

In the street
a naked sumo wrestler
drives by in a tiny golf cart
and pinches the bottoms
of unsuspecting shoppers--
too smug to acknowledgethat they have felt something--
while two midgets
unbeknownst to each other
walk on stilts concealed beneath their clothes
blending in with the crowd

When the midgets meet
each smirks into the face of the other
automatically assuming the other
to be someone with nothing to hide

While high upon the ledge
the wind
like the voice of God
whispers to the flowers in the vase
that teeters on the brink

From nearby windows the random sounds
of conversation are heard:

End of the world ain't no excuse not
to take out the garbage, ya lazy bum...

And then:

Did you see that woman Arnold slept with?
Any port in a storm, I guess..

And then:

I'll show you the end of YOUR world--
see my fist?

And then:

Yeah, but that was only after Maria said

And then:

All these years we worshiped Lance
and now it comes out he's just another cheater...

And then:

Did you see Britney's butt on TV?
damn thing is HUGE!

And then:

Ah STILL don't believe that's the real birth certificate...

And then
having heard enough
the vase that teeters on the edge
relinquishes its lofty perch
to descend into a world where people
walk along in a dream
of a dream
of life...
about to experience a momentary awakening


  1. Wow! That's my favorite piece I've read of yours. You were certainly in the groove. You should send that in somewhere. It was brilliant!

  2. The real kicker is that the world ended a long time ago and we're all in Limbo - or Purgatory - I forget, but it's one of those in-between places.

  3. SHARON,
    REALLY? (He said humbly.)

    You mean like Fresno?

  4. a dream
    of a dream
    of life...yes - this speaks to me....loudly...

  5. funny and amusing - I'm too am amazed that the world hasn't ended but then again, it always feels like it is ending in some way, somewhere.

    have a lovely day.

  6. Ha! You've nailed it, my friend. No intelligent life forms here, Captain.

    If only there were that many vases.

  7. tim, you are a frickin master the carnival of imagery...the midget and sumo...and how numb we all are to what is really going on...

  8. Tim tried to open yours and couldn't so came around the back door.
    Just another day in paradise
    wow you nailed reality with the vase in it's own alternate universe until...

  9. um, so yeah, i love this one, too! you make me laugh and ponder at the same time. great as usual.

  10. Ha! Smart vase, Timoteo. Smarter than some of the life forms walkign the earth.

  11. Funny and cool at the same time!

  12. Dream of a dream, is such a cool concept, Tim. Hell of ride I just went on. Think I'll get back in line.

  13. Hey youse guys--glad you enjoyed this one!

  14. SO clever and such an enjoyable read! A dream of a dream of a life - yup, that's how many people wander through. You nailed it, and the overheard coversations are hilarious. Hey, if you want to laugh your butt off, go see Bridesmaids - hilarious. The woman who wrote the screenplay and acts the leading role is a Saturday Night Live comedienne and is just hysterically funny. I saw it twice this week. A total hoot. Not stupid, like so many "comedies". Very intelligent humor.

  15. A holy bow to you and your fantastic imagery, Tim!! This is awesome!
    I guess sometimes man is just another idiot sitting and waiting for life to get "thrown away"... while the lifeless vases of the world LIVE!

    A very thought provoking read!

  16. SHERRY,
    There's nothing I'd rather do than laugh my butt off--as long as I'm able to reattach it later--so maybe I'll check that one out!

  17. I bet with myself every morning when I turn on the radio whether the first word will be death, war, disaster etc.(NPR) I love your line by the guy who wants the garbage taken out --- so funny. Who are we anyway? What does it all mean; well, just keep on hanging on, teetering on the ledge ---

  18. ANN,
    That's a great comment. Love it.

    TO EVERYONE: Please be aware that even if I don't mention you by name, I have read every word, and your comments are much appreciated!

  19. I don't watch watch the news, so most of what you said kinda flew by me, but everything else I got and well I guess that's why i am finally losing my faith in humanity.
    people no longer care what the the other person feels. they lost something and your poem shows just hhow we are to each other. i liked it, i just wish it wasnt so.


  20. LUNA,
    You're better off not watching the news...nothing good can come from it.

  21. Masterful write. I enjoyed how this unfolds.

  22. "in a dream of a dream of a life" hmmm this paints reality as non-existent, a sense of relativity lingers, well done :)
    enjoy the potluck!

  23. Well, I can't find the words to say about this. i just want to read it again and again and...

  24. Hello.
    Timoteo, this is too funny!

    "in a dream
    of a dream
    of life"...nice.

    The sumo in a mini golf cart & the midgets on stilts had me in stitches!

    A very enjoyable read. Thanks for sharing.

  25. HEY ANDY,
    Nice to see you, glad you liked it.

    So if you feel a pinch on the butt, look might be me!

  26. "or take the plunge--
    the roses in the vase more alive
    than the people below who shuffle along
    in a dream
    of a dream
    of life" Powerful lines it does seem we all just drift though life existing, veiling ourselves, caught up in the lives of others. Love it

  27. Some very funny parts, and an overall poignant poem