Friday, March 11, 2011


People are so strange,
and weird,
and funny looking--
with their baseball caps
and safari hats...

All shapes and sizes,
but mostly round--
with bellies that spill over belts
like giant teardrops about to fall,
and long baggy shorts that stop
just above their socks
(another inch and they'd be pants).

and puffing,
and shuffling along--
off to the bank,
off to the cleaners,
off to the market to pick up some wieners.

What do they think?
what do they hope for?
who are they buying that Soap-On- A-Rope for?

What are their innermost
dreams and ambitions?
(hey, did that guy just let off an emission?)

Ambling along in their clogs
and their flip-flops,
connected to ipods
and some kind of hip-hop.

Joking, and smoking, and choking
their lives away--
yet up every morning
to greet the brand new day...

People are so strange,
and weird,
and funny looking
on the outside...

But often beautiful--
yeah, kinda beautiful
on the inside.


  1. It's my believe that you should judge people like a blind man. (By smell)

  2. __If we curb "self emissions," will we slow-down... "globle warming?"
    __Tim, You and I (no, just me) are funny looking on the outside, and I hope we have a segment
    of beauty on the inside! (at least, a segment that we emit in another fasion.)
    __Lovit Timoteo! Smiles! _m

  3. You know, it's funny you should write about this, Tim. The other day we were at Pizza Hut for a school fund raiser, and some of the parents looked like people I'd be afraid to run into in a dark alley, or who I might be tempted to laugh at or ridicule because of their hair/clothes/tatoos/piercings, etc. But as different as they were from me, they.were.there. You know? Basically, like I was saying to my grandson, they might look different than me, or have a lifestyle that I might not understand, but they are just like me, trying to get through a day the best they can with their families and friends. "People are so strange,and weird,and funny looking"...indeed!

    (I still visit, just haven't had many words lately. Glad to see your words being so appreciated!).

  4. I love this, most especially the "kinda beautiful on the inside":) Good one, kiddo!

  5. BUBBA,
    But sometimes I like to use the Braille method!

    Funny stuff...I want a bumper sticker that says: CURB YOUR EMISSIONS! (Some might think it refers to pollution, and in a way it does!)

    We saw the same picture...and came to the same conclusions! (Kiss kiss!)

  6. Thanks for that reminder, sir. So true.

  7. I like that a lot. I often contemplate how ugly we would seem to alien visitors with all the soft flesh and forward facing eyes and hair. Very primitive evolutionary wise. I love having my mind turned inside out to look at things differently. Thanks! Apparently we're geographical neighbors too. I'm a Phoenician.

  8. THINGY,
    Thanks for checking in!

    Tonight was good...was it good for you too?

  9. your words tickle.
    well penned.


  10. Ditto that. Well done - both sentiment and poem.

  11. This is so beautiful -- looking through inside :)

  12. cute and nice.. here's my potluck..

  13. I like it! We are all image-less here in our poems.

  14. Great poem..makes you think :)

  15. Very real and extremely funny!! Love it!

  16. JINGLE, JAMI, BENDEDSPOON, FIVELOAF, MAIRMUSIC, WORDSASUNDER, BUDDHA: Thanks guys...yes, we are all image-less in our poems, (at least physically) though the poet is often willing to show you his insides first!

  17. the people watcher in me is chearing...and yes there is beauty in all of us...nice one shot!

  18. so true timoteo - love this one - and the most weird looking people can be the most lovely fellows..

  19. kinda, maybe even mostly...well done!

  20. I love this so much...and for some reason it reminded me of George Carlin

  21. Such a true story. If we could really feel this way as a species, instead of almost exactly the opposite--i.e., that everyone is so different and weird that they have to be some kind of threat which must be kept down, through ridicule or any other force including deadly--maybe we could make some serious progress. Like world peace, and stuff. Yeah. Nice to dream anyway.

  22. some words of Mr. Rogers come to mind . . . "it's funny, but it's true." well-penned, indeed. thanks for the smile tonight!

  23. This would make a great video poem. Visual imagery, cadence, truth in humor. . . always good to stop in here and be refreshed.

  24. "with bellies that spill over belts
    like giant teardrops about to fall,"

    ^ That made me laugh!

    People are strange indeed :)

  25. very nice imagery. and a lovely message at the end. i think i might have even caught myself smiling while reading.

  26. When you do take some time to people watch, you can't help but think we are a strange lot. At least we all have that in common. This was a fun read :)

  27. Yeah! I liked it! What a playful pleasure to read!!

  28. LOL Oh yes people are strange. Something odd I have noticed is peoples butts when they walk. All different- signature butt swooshes. lol Check it out the next time you are people watching.

  29. I must say i found some of your last poems inTIMidating Tim :)...but this is a nice sketch of the people we all know :)


  30. Oh yea.. this is too good, Tim!! I get similar thoughts many a time.. and then I even wonder what thought would be crossing the minds of these people when they see me... hah.. funny!!
    So I flatter myself myself by thinking that everyone's very nice on the inside :)

    A very reflective poem, T... nice!!
    "an emission" ??? Eeewwww (cupping hands over nose) ;-)

  31. Hi Timoteo

    I agree with you so much... and from the beginning your description went on to describe common people and I was wondering where it all leading to.. and then you brought in the human kindness in the end that made all of us common people so un-common species... thanks for sharing this one...

    ॐ शांति ॐ
    Om Shanti Om
    May peace be... praying for People of Japan
    Connect me at Twitter @VerseEveryDay

  32. What a visual and emotional (and yes, even chuckle-inducing) journey of people watching that ends on a very sweet note!

  33. can't judge a book by its cover? Well, maybe sometimes. In any event, I liked this from start to finish, Vb

  34. Light yet sharp like a razor masquerading as a harmless pencil knife. I love how you weave the message in, painlessly. Thanks, Tim!

  35. BRIAN, CLAUDIA, LAURA X, RENE, JOY (I'm with you all the way on that) DIANNE, MAUREEN, SULTHANA, RMP, LORI, SARAH, RIVER (Ha--I've been checking out butts since way back!) DEVIKA (I'm glad you are back!) KAVITA (If I left you out, it would be an error of emission) OLLIE, SHASHI, GUATAMI, BELINDA, VERSEBENDER, ALEGRIA: You are ALL beautiful people!

  36. I came across your blog by accident - flip flopping and clogging my way through this weird internet. I had to stop here though - the poems are too good to pass by. Sometimes accidents really are happy! :)

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