Friday, September 17, 2010


B.S. makes the world go round. We now know that everyone from presidents on down routinely fabricates the truth, and no one thinks anything of it. We've developed a buyer beware mentality about everything.

Television, of course, is the great lie conduit. Where else can a car dealer tell you one thing to your face, while simultaneously flashing contradictory statements at the bottom of the screen in letters so small that no one without an electron microscope can read it?

Our convoluted sense of ethics says that the fine print absolves us of telling the truth, and the advertiser is counting on a certain percentage of dummies who don't look past the surface. If we had a real truth in advertising law, those commercials that depict people winning at the casinos would also have to show that the seedy-looking nicotine addicts who are blowing their rent checks far outnumber the winners.

And those famous "Be All You Can Be" spots for the military that only mention the educational opportunities would also have to explain that when you sign up, you're relinquishing your right to think for yourself, and may be required to murder people in a third-world country at the whim of some politicians.

But there are no such laws, so is it any wonder that most people think that the government is feeding us a crock of doody about the UFOs? (You knew that I'd get around to this someday, didn't you?)

Now, finally, the truth can be told. (Read the oh-so-small disclaimer at the bottom of this page which states that, for our purposes, "truth" means the same as my opinion.)

In the beginning, the flying saucers were being piloted by authentic, card-carrying space aliens. There WAS a crash at Roswell, and some of the extraterrestrials survived. From them we learned how their technology works. The Air Force, in conjunction with General Motors, produced its own line of saucer-shaped craft. (Planned obsolescence, of course--with new, redesigned models each year. )

The aliens that were flying the friendly skies were gradually driven off by the Air Force pilots, who were like teenagers with learner's permits--it wasn't safe up there. Today, most of the 'UFOs" are ours--many of them developed at that super secret base in Nevada that nobody can get close to. At first, the flyboys were making test runs--now they're up there joyriding just to screw with our heads.

And yes, the government has been abducting its own citizens, beaming then aboard the saucers and conducting medical experiments. It's an easy and diabolical way to do it, because the feds know that everyone will think the victims are crazy when they tell their stories. Ozzy Osbourne has been on some of these flights--and so has Lady Ga Ga...which accounts for the abductees who describe their captors as grotesque looking creatures.

Maybe someday the real aliens will come back, because their original purpose was to help us save ourselves from ourselves...and time is growing short. These guys have been there, and they contemplate us with heavy hearts.

They know we've upset the balance of nature by failing to recognize the other species of this world as our kin--by failing to comprehend that their fate will become our fate. They know that the longer we peer mesmerized into television screens and computer screens, the less we will see.

They know we haven't read the fine print.


  1. True and can't be laughed off...The World is a lie, and we really should smarten off! I'm glad you know makes you smarter than most ;)

  2. That was extremely deep. It is a scarey world we live in.

  3. Ah, finally a comrade who understands the Truth and is cognizant of My Mission here. The question, now a always, is whether to let the ordinary doofus citizens, which is to say those with working TVs and and inactive minds, would be better served by revealing the true identity of myself and others like me.

    A bit of a quibble though, it is not only the species of THIS world that are your kin, but ALL the species of throughout the cosmos. We really are - all of us - into this together.

    Thanks...smarter than the average bear?

    You're right...especially when you're an abductee and you see Ozzy Osbourne or Lady GaGa staring down at you on that gurney!

    Right...I refer you to my "ABOUT ME" blurb to show you we're on the same page with that.

  5. Your writing is intriguing as well. I will watch and read with interest.

  6. I seem to remember reading somewhere that after a mass extinction, the world that develops from it is more diverse. Knowing that, how do we know our purpose isn't to foster the next mass extinction? We may very well kill ourselves off, but maybe the sacrifice will be worth whatever comes after us (we'll never know, of course, but it could be... ).

  7. Stop by,I need your opinion please :)

    Thanks for reciprocating!

    You may be right about that, but how many times are we going to fail? Wouldn't it be nice if someday we could make this human experiment work?

  9. I don't know, Tim. If we take it within the context that nothing in this universe is truly permanent and everything eventually reverts to some gaseous vapor that will in turn eventually form some new galaxy, then I think "we" are meant to eternally fail and start anew. It will quite possibly always be an experiment.

  10. I think it may take something as drastic as a planet-wide frontal lobotomy for the human race to come to its senses. If the aliens can do that, then I'm all about laying out the welcome mat. Because television and the internet have turned people's brains into mush over the years, I have come to the conclusion that most don't want to think for themselves and need to be volunteered for the proverbial slap in the face from some extraterrestrials effective immediately.

  11. KOBICO,
    Certainly true that nothing IN THIS WORLD OF ILLUSION is permanent, so thanks for reminding me of I won't worry about ANY of it anymore!

    Well put...where's General Patton when we really need him?

  12. Even though we'll all be dust someday, we still have our own perspectives, our own concept of reality. And in my personal perspective, I'll always have something to complain about! You just keep worrying and I'll keep complaining :-)

  13. KOBICO,
    Okay...don't stop complaining--or I'll REALLY be worried!

  14. Oh you are SO preaching to the choir with this one:) Have you seen The Fourth Kind? will freak you right out! True story.

  15. SHERRY,
    Haven't seen that one, but will get it from Netflix.