Monday, September 24, 2012


You ate that
spaghetti sauce
that had been in your
fridge for nearly 6 months
you burped and said it was good

And that chocolate bar
that lurked in your cupboard
for God knows how long
it was all discolored
and was morphing
into some other shape
and frankly
it looked like a turd

And those green beans
with mold the color of rust
(you've no issues with trust)

You don't mind things
that are past their sell by date
maybe that's why
you're still hangin' round
with the likes of me


  1. hahameow! You ain't expired til you've breathed your last breath! I just ate some granola that expired in 2008--it was well, not worth eating the rest of the box but it filled a niche this morning...

  2. Interesting, light-hearted poem, Tim :)


  3. TERI,
    As long as it doesn't come back up--I guess it's alright!

    One that might cause you to eat light tonight! :)

  4. I double-dog dare you to drink the green milk!

  5. Oh that is soooo good, but don't underestimate your special brand of freshness lol

  6. You haven't expired yet, Tim, and, yes indeed, we are still hangin round with you! I had some BBQ sauce on my fridge door that was about five years old...decided this year was a good one to throw it away. I've started using a laundry marker to show on the labels or lids when I open something, whether it's a mayonaise or a pkg of sandwich meat, so that I don't poison the grandkids!

  7. Oooooooo, I may be close to the expiration date, stampped on my lid; I need my ~@^@~ 'cause I can't see a date there!

    My smiles Tim! Doug.

  8. I love my friend who constantly shares her nearly or just expired food from the health food store. No sense in coddling your stomach.

  9. KOBICO,
    YOU FIRST! :)

    Well, I've been called FRESH many times, but that's a term that is past its expiration date!

    The laundry marker is a great idea. And identifying what's in there is another great idea, because after time you may have no other way of identifying it!

    You and I will just erase those expiration dates and keep on truckin !

    Nice to see you here...yeah, I believe the term is "cast-iron stomach." All the better if you have one!

  10. lol! I had a jar like that lurking in the fridge. Clearly I have trust issues because I tossed it out without even opening it.

    Wouldn't it be strange if we did have knowledge of our expiration dates? Would it make us behave better? Or would it make us insufferable? Mind you, some things definitely get better with age. :)

  11. TALON,
    Some things DO get better with age---LIKE YOU AND ME, BABY!

  12. Glad you posted for One Shot! Excellent poem. Great use of imagery and humor—witty concluding lines as well. Cheers!

  13. DUSTUS,
    Much appreciated. Thanks for visiting!

  14. Hi, I have been away for a week and am catching up on all the great posts at One Stop....

    this was great, but why didnt you throw then away when they expired???

    loved the way you linked GOOD to One shot..many thanks..Pete

  15. PETE,
    Because who cleans the fridge out that often?
    Cheers! (Hope this wine I'm toasting you with isn't expired!)

  16. Haha! I'm sure you have far more to offer than salmonella and tummy aches!

  17. i LOVE this. i eat that old shit too, because i have a thing about throwing things away. WHICH PROBABLY EXPLAINS A LOT

  18. This is just too good... what a great surprise ending... I hadn't seen that coming!

  19. Boy, I don't know if I could go down that road! But then, I am long past my sell date!

  20. Yep, we hope our mate will stick with us even when we have gone past our shelf life. This made me smile!!

  21. Clever build up to the punch line I laughed out loud

  22. Well... blue cheese, the mold sharpens. Sometimes -ageing- adds to the quality; the proof is here. ;<) _m

  23. smiles...good to have those unafraid of nothing people around us...smiles

  24. I would have trust issues with those but not with you. :)

  25. This def made me smile. What clever and humorous writing. I really enjoyed. Thanks.

  26. Thanks for your comments, everyone! With a wink to MAGYAR because we both know it's true. And a special thanks to KERRY for your vote of confidence! MARIAN, you have what is referred to as a "cast iron stomach."