Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring arrives

in fits and starts

a north wind blows

my dog farts


  1. Oh, Tim Tim Tim. You just ruined the good will from the last post. My 4 and 7 year old grandsons are in the fascination with the word 'fart' stage. Et tous? I guess it's true that you can't take the 'boy' out of the man. Wanna hear a dirty joke? WHITE HORSE FELL IN THE MUD! ha ha ha ha ha

    (just kidding)

  2. LINDA,
    The boy lives on...still in my own fascination with the word "fart" stage, and many others--like "ca ca poo poo!" hee hee, hee hee hee hee...

  3. lol! Farts are always funny Charlie, our labradoodle, always looks inquisitively at her back end when she lets one go...she truly doesn't seem to understand where the noise is coming from. My Mom always calls them "trumps" and that used to crack us up as kids. We weren't allowed to say "fart" but "trump" was okay.

  4. __Smiles, Tim! Lovit!
    __It's so common among the dogs: Wherever they be, they let their wind go free.
    __My post of June 14th 09.

    far lightning
    above the soft thunder
    my dog farts

  5. LOL I love it and so he should poo all over this cold front, very discouraging, loved this short to the point amusing fart story lol thank you! ca ca poo poo, that's so french this had crack up!

  6. TALON,
    I'm big on taking responsibility, but no one wants to take responsibility for flatulence--that's why it's good to have a dog, because you can always blame it on the pooch!

    Great minds think alike!

    It's like a little snapshot in time and what's going on--and that was what was going on. Glad you liked it!

  7. I think you just described my dog!

  8. That's right...blame poor old Gypsy. That's the oldest trick in the book.

  9. Oh Gosh, Timoteo, I was expecting the usual saccharin crap, but you came through as usual. LOL!

  10. KOBICO,
    All we can hope for is that the wind will blow in a different direction!

    Do I detect some sensitivity because she's your namesake? :)

    We don't use no artificial sweeteners 'round here!

  11. We gypsies have to stick together ya know.