Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Tall and gangly
with full pouty lips
but no hips.

The butt of jokes in middle school
as they towered over most of the boys--
now, here's their revenge.

Strutting in their undies
like God's gift to mankind.

Proclaimed "beautiful" by a handful
of eccentric fashion designers
and themselves.
Dogmatizing a standard
from which there can be no deviation.

But in reality
they are misfits still...
and sexy to whom?

Well, maybe a giraffe.


  1. Oh true, but then it's always the same isn't it, at one point these boney bodies were ridiculed and size 16s were revered, it's all the same isn't it,one way or the other, we will always be rules ridiculed by societal fashion....I love your poem here, for today it is very much needed...
    PS I never follow order when I read sometimes I start at the end, sometimes in the middle,and this one got my attention first, but either way, I like your

  2. Lorraine: You are like me...when I pick up a book of poems or short stories, I never begin with the first one...I think it has something to do with not doing things in the way everyone thinks you're SUPPOSED to do them...