Tuesday, July 16, 2019

O. M. G.

I went strolling 
through this city
of painted boxes
throwing rocks 
at everything that moved

While the hip-hop dancers
fingered their crotches
I gave the sun away
it was just another day

I fed the monkeys
and the peacocks
I danced all night
with three queens
in hot pants and clogs

in the morning
enveloped in fog
I took a marriage proposal
from a guy with a gun
and a dog

We read the Kama Sutra
all night in bed
there is something fragile 
inside your head
that makes you want to be dead

and sometimes you know
exactly what's going to kill you
but you just keep keepin' on with it

I am your God
and you shall seek no other
I carry a horn to blow
in all these streets
to notify you of my second coming
never doubting
that the preachers
will nail me to the cross

Oh never mind
it's the flag
the flag
the important thing is
that it not touch the ground

For we'll still be waving it
long after your silly God
is dead and gone


  1. Everyone gets labeled from the moment egg meets sperm. By the time the body has turned to soil, everyone is covered with millions of labels. Fancy labels, simple labels … no matter cuz they mean nothing. Love, cat.

    1. They mean nothing other than the significance we attach to them. Here's an exercise for everyone to work on: Try to look at everyone you see without attaching a label to them other than "human being." Love, T.

  2. It's a cruel world out there. People nowadays (most of them anyway) don't even think about the other person. Call it selfishness or lack of empathy .. the slogan these days is literally; "me rather than anybody else," the same goes for politics, no one is concerned about the welfare of state and improving relations with other countries .. rather it's the same divide and rule since the last few centuries. Which makes me think what are we even doing? Watching neflix and eating popcorn isn't going to change anything, I say we march and protest until those in charge come to their senses.

    1. Thank you for sharing your passion, Sanaa. Because it takes a lot of passion to change things. Passion, in this sense, is just caring enough about something to do something about it. But people are complacent, like you said, with our Netflix and our popcorn. Change normally doesn't come about without a lot of protest, and sometimes a literal revolution. I know that you will be there, whatever it takes!

  3. An interesting piece. Well written.

  4. What i love best is your comment about looking at everyone as a human being. I will NEVER understand why humanity finds it so difficult, when it is the most obvious thing in the world. Well said, Tim.

    1. Thank you, Sherry. Of course, if we looked at each other as human beings first, we would recognize ourselves in others, and all the name calling and the division would be over. But some of us are having too much fun with the little game.