Tuesday, August 11, 2015


I saw a guy walking along
with his head buried in his phone
and I thought he is so distracted
that he's gonna get hurt
and I got so distracted watching
the guy who was so distracted that...
I walked right into a poem

At this bar a young woman
scurried toward
the ladies room
she looked so upset
like she could barely contain it
and I thought you know
all told there must be more tears
being spilled on that toilet seat than pee
and then BAM...
I walked right into a poem

I staggered outside
now fully cognizant
of the gravity  (I was looking at the moon)
of the situation
aware that at any time
and any place
it could happen
cuz poems
are lurking everywhere
ready to swallow me up
like Jonah
and I might never
find my way out again
until that whale of a tale
gets regurgitated
onto some poor unsuspecting wretch
like you


  1. Excellent - I love the premise of this - that a poem can / and often only can sneak up on you.

  2. The thought of stumbling into poem is intriguing.. just like that phrase that sneaks upon you when you wake at 3 AM...

    1. And you have to stumble around in the dark to find a pen and paper before it disappears...this is when walking into a poem can truly hurt.

  3. And BAM! I'm hooked immediately. Love it.

  4. I thought that was lovely indeed. Great piece, greetings!

  5. This is a witty look at the origins of poetic thought to be found in the most prosaic places.