Tuesday, June 23, 2015


It was getting harder 
to detect my image in the mirror 
as anything recognizably human.
I wasn't disappearing, exactly. 
It had been years 
since the last attack.
Making matters worse 
I came back here to write this
and forced him to drive 
to parts unknown.

Do you remember the wreck scene?

I went kind of nuts
and took a baseball bat
to every mailbox on that road.

I still do not have a clue as to what my mission is.
But it was a good thing I wore what I did.

He thinks I'm the bad guy 

but I am merely part of the process.

To wit: 
we were sitting around 
one evening after tea
cutting the air with farts 
and exotic bird calls
when suddenly it hit me
that each of us is going to 
get his nut in his own way
no matter should 
aunt Gertie disapprove
(right, my little droogies?)  

The next day I waylaid myself 
over the head with a hammer.
How do you think it happened?
I spend a lot of time 
on social media...
do the math, dipshit.

One of the nurses banged
on the door. 
They ran about a million tests. 
You don't want to know. 
And then, people started falling,
And then...nothing.

You're fine. 
Drink some water.
I transported myself 
back to that summer.
I'd stood against the back, 
right by the exit.
I'm putting an end to this, I said.
I smelled the smoke. 
I thought it was romantic
in a demented sort of way.

You know how the game is played. 
Catch me if you can... 
but be advised
I've still got that hammer, man. 


  1. Thanks for sharing the insight from your corner of the room.
    My corner resembles one of those artistic paper foldings that has many edges many corners, damn I forget what that's called. Oh well, I'll probably forget I wrote this. Wait what was I talking about? Hmmmm?

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  2. I absolutely love your sense of humour. I can't type properly because I'm laughing so much at these lines -

    We were sitting around one evening after tea
    cutting the air with farts and exotic bird calls

    Freaking hilarious. LOL.

  3. "I thought it was romantic
    in a demented sort of way." xD I love your demented way of writting xD Mad composition, fully original!! catch me if you can!

  4. Let's play ball ... I'm game ... Catch me if you can. Priceless. Love, cat.

  5. The difficulty of discovering one's mission before one understands that there is none; such an unhappy waste of time when there are Otter Pops to eat and snoring cats to love and being held by someone who cares.

  6. At least it all feeds the creative process, this wrestling with self in the hopes of figuring it all out. Let me know when you have a handle on it...

  7. Mr. "Catnip" ... Your silence worries me ... I'm here for you as well, you know ... Love, cat.

  8. I like your demented sense of humor...though being in that waiting room and getting dissected is no fun...come catch me too ~

  9. This is very funny in a nightmareish sort of way. You have some great lines here, and not just the one with the 'fart' though I am a sucker for scatological stuff. And your closing line is killer.

  10. I always enjoy a wander through the contents of your mind, Tim. I spend a lot of time online, a bit worried about the hammer:) Love the "romantic, in a demented sort of way." For some of us, that is the ONLY way, hee hee.

  11. "We were sitting around one evening after tea
    cutting the air with farts and exotic bird calls
    when suddenly it hit me"....I love every word you glad I came by...and that photo to the right saying I don't do facebook just made my day...

  12. Whoa--you scare me when you write this good--i had a boss once whose personality used to do this regularly--hated that job. thanks for letting us share your nightmare, Timo.

  13. its the spiders, they tell me what to do..whisper in my ear and run their little tongues along my eyebrows at night to get them this straight...time online, time online, the only crime its hammer time

  14. heck yes...we know about the this tim...the disappearing without disappearing...the hospital scene and the decisions we make.. there's always deep streams running through your poetry..

  15. a great read - leaving wanting more... between the awesome poem
    and the Voltaire and Morrison quotes - i thank fuck i visited...
    reminding me somehow of why i read and write - maybe in the hope of writing something as good as this; Please be my friend?! lol;

    your an ass kicker for sure regardless of my bull shit - :)

  16. NENE,
    I know what you mean. Where am I? Who am I?

    That was the line I thought might get you. Always glad to tickle you my dear, one way or the other!

    Thanks so much for coming by!

    We'll play ball, as long as it's not one of those fur balls you've coughed up!

    Such a wonderful comment. You are a true poet.

    Okay, you'll be the first to know!

    Okay, start running.

    A fan of scatology, eh? Shit...who knew?

    Spend a lot of time online and this could happen to YOU kiddies!

    It is so nice to see you here. Love your stuff.

    That's high praise from you--the "Mistress of Nightmares."


    HA HA...I think you've gotten into his head pretty good.

    Love ya!

    One of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me. I will treasure it always.

  17. Pretty surreal stuff going on here. I like the genre and found this very well done, breaking that need for linearity and creating those gaps of understanding forcing us to make up the meaning which we have to do anyway, but at least this is honest about it. Excellent write.

  18. This is like the intersection of "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest", Bukowski's confessionalism, and Vonnegut's wit-tempered realism. Awesome (and bookmarked!)!

  19. CHARLES,
    Excellent comment. Thanks, my man!

    Thanks so much for that, my ultra-literate lady!

    1. "I'm putting an end to this ... I smell smoke ... I thought it was romance ... in a demented sort of way" ... Yah, aha, mmmh, yeah, oh yes .... and all of the above ... Be well, my precious friend. You'll be alright. Love you much, cat.

  20. Intriguing form :D
    Loved the play on words and images portrayed.. well penned :D

    1. Always appreciate your comments...thanks!

  21. Ha.. I think becoming invisible is something that will happen to us from time to time,

    1. That's the philosopher coming out in you again!

  22. heh heh heh- delightful, sneaky and whimsical and just a touch dark. great work, gripping for its ride, unusual in the best way from beginning to end.

  23. Oh I do recall the mailbox incident. This is eerie, in a good way. I want to linger in this poem and learn more.

    1. Linger awhile...just stay away from that hammer!

  24. If I had a hammerI'd hammer in the mornin', I'd hammer in the ev-nin; all over thls land,
    ____I'd hammer out warning ____ I'd hammer out justice____ Love between my brothers and sisters, aaa__ahaall ova this land.

    a common nail
    I swing this timeless hammer
    unseen fingers

  25. I will keep away from the hammer! :)