Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Free from the distractions of shame, your body moves
like undulating waves on an oscilloscope.

Time stops in mid sentence like seagulls obliterated on the horizon.

Your perfume is like a soft breeze wafting down from the toxic waste dump.

Do you think the bees sit around all day 
ruminating on to bees or not to bees?

Your breath is like that of a bulldog in heat trying to
scramble over the neighbor's backyard fence.

It's dank down here in the dungeon, waiting for the dragon
to be draggin' his ass back home.

You slink round the barrio like a Siamese cat,
and you listen to Dylan in your leopard skin pillbox hat

I never drink pale ale with a paleface, for fear of reprisals from the Indians.

You drift among the wildlife with their tattoos and their scabs...
 then you come back from the beach full of sand and the crabs.

She had a cleft palate, but it worked just fine for mixing colors.

You roll your eyes like Dionysius  taking in the graffiti on the crapper stall wall while stopping at the gas station to ask for directions to Syracuse.

Old Mayan Proverb: To be successful, 
you've got to make some sacrifices along the way.

I once saw Napoleon's shriveled penis on display at a museum.
It should be noted that they kept it pretty cold in there.

Come and sit, my pet, and I will adjust your flea collar.

Put two and two together and you may have more than you bargained four.

Chimpanzees are almost human. And so are you.

Sometimes I think I'm just too nice to you.

Oh lookit...there goes a person I will never know. And another. 
And another. Disappearing 'round the corner. I wonder if it's too late.

Why do some cats eat plastic...why do some dogs eat shit?
Why do we try to put a square peg in a round hole when it really doesn't fit?

If you lived in Denmark, you'd surely be rotten...
and when I'm senile, you'll be the first to be forgotten.

Some days I really do think I'm too nice to you.


  1. The humor and the disjointed feeling of the way these lines can stand alone but together...I'm smiling!

  2. Big grin all the way down the screen. Yes, you really are too kind, LOL!!!!!!

  3. This was different and quite inspiring...!! :D
    Enjoyed it!
    Have a great week :)

    1. "Inspiring" is a word no one else has used in relation to this LOL

  4. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm but Denmark is a lovely country

  5. Ha there is indeed something rotten in that kingdom. Wonderful insults.. really something I would be scared to use.

    1. But we never know what it is till we get close enough to smell it.

  6. Your poetry reminds me of Erich Kaestner's poetry ... deliciously scary ... and that's a compliment ! Love, cat.

    1. "Deliciously scary" certainly is a compliment!

  7. Like a series of aphorism but with even wickeder twists.

    1. There is a unifying theme...I just haven't figured out what it is!

  8. my 16 year old would like this ~

  9. Wise people so often say: "I do not know."

    1. I knew a person who used to say that all the time. She really didn't know anything!