Thursday, October 2, 2014


It isn't arrogance
just a bit of a strut
in the walk
reflecting that I've taken
every shot that peppered
my butt
and came popping back up
like some leering whack-a-mole
daring you to pay your money
and go for it again

So many thought
they had me
down for the count
and some even took pity
(how condescendingly shitty)

You shoot me down

but I won't fall
fire away
fire away

Maybe it's the quiet swagger
of a life spent
stumbling into the wrong holes
and climbing back out again
and if you saw me then
you would surely hold your nose
but I've learn't how it comes and goes
in that it comes for the moment
and when it goes it goes for good

Turns out though
 I'm always gonna be a prick
in somebody's side
just when they thought it was
all cut and dried
just to wake up one day
and say


that's the REAL you???

People don't change
they just keep showing you
a little bit more
of who you hoped they'd never be
and that's themselves

And the blame game
well that's incredibly lame
but we all play it
cuz we're afflicted with this condition
that allows us to see quite clearly outward
but only murkily inward
at the one person
who's the true source
of all that horse puckey
that keeps hittin' the fan


  1. Oh I hear you, my friend. Have to smile at "every shot that peppered my butt".....and "they just keep showing you a little bit more of who you hoped they'd never be
    and that's themselves". Wry wit - it's basically what's left to us at this stage of the game. I love your writing, Timo.

  2. Thanks, Sherry. But I intend to make sure there's much more than that--LOL

  3. Keep strutting, swaggering and stumbling away, lil horsey, cuz it's still better than being road kill, right? :)

  4. People don't change
    they just keep showing you
    a little bit more
    of who you hoped they'd never be...

    Many a true word said in jest. Thanks for linking up today, Tim.

  5. What a great poem! And I just love the expression on Ole Hoss' face. :-D

  6. Poor little horse.. you really tell what's a pain in the butt... :-)

    1. Our poor butts....they are always picked on.

  7. I love this travel of truth on a witty path...a wonderful voice here..

  8. only murkily inward, alas. too bad that's our condition, isn't it?
    hi Tim! hi! hi!

  9. this is actually really deep....made me feel like putting on my war suit and telling the world to piss off. :)

    i like it!!

  10. At our age, Timo, we've *earned* that strut, and should get some props for actually climbing out of all those holes where a lot of people build their own little caves. This one puts all the senses in play, and while it pretends to be a bit nonsensical, it is sincere and true--fire away, bro--like one of my favorite role models says, "You couldn't kill me if you tried for a hundred years."

    Good to see you waxing poetic(but not your chest.) ;_)

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Thanks for, my chest will never be waxed...but there's an old expression, "I'm gonna wax your ass," which has been directed my way a few times...but why anyone would want to buff and shine somebody else's rear-end is beyond me!

    2. Still scratching my head on that one...LOL