Tuesday, March 4, 2014


On a sun-splashed day
in a desert 
where The Horse With No Name
made his claim to fame

With spring making overtures

like a punch-drunk lover

I saw her

in my mind's eye
I heard her
in my mind's ear
I contemplated her
in my mind's belly button

Behold The Vagabond Princess

electric rays sparking 
from the tips of her golden hair
she's been there
and back
on a beach with some name
And all because sunshine came
softly through her window that day

Swaying to the beat
of a distant drummer
her gaze is locked on summer

A painted man
walks down the street
blowing bubbles out his ears

How does he do that?

The world is a wondrous
and magical place to be...

The answer blowing
in the tail winds
that are bringing her to me 


  1. except the bubble blowing ass...i am not sure i want to know how he does world though is def a magical place to be...when we take time to notice...and sounds like she goes a long way to helping you with that...

  2. loooovvveeeee. wish she'd come by here for a visit! in due time, i know she will.

  3. Coming through the desert like that.. what a cool inspiration...

  4. haha...The world is a wondrous
    and magical place to be indeed... not sure if i wanna know details about the man...haha.. but spring making overtures
    like a punch-drunk lover sounds wonderful

  5. Timo! So nice to see have been quiet. I love this sunshiney poem as we are still ridonkulously in winter in the frozen north. What's UP with that? I so love the hopefulness in your closing lines......may it be so.

  6. BRIAN: Thanks, my man! Hope all is well with you and yours.

    MARIAN: Your time's a comin'...haha.

    BJORN: She'll be comin' round the mountain...

    SHERRY: Amen.

  7. I grasp but one
    passing by on these old winds
    an answer's collage.

    And the bubbles of that painted man... on his old wind?

    Lovit! _m

  8. I will always think from the belly button of my mind from this day forward. The Sun Goddess will be on her way to you soon.

  9. MAGYAR: Gives new meaning to "The Wind Beneath My Wings."

    2000SUBABU: I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy at the prospect!

  10. What a way to embrace the return of Summer! (Though the desert variety is a little scary for me.) Great to see your work in the garden this Monday, Tim.

  11. I do hope it is her tail winds and not the bubble blowers coming to you Tim.

  12. The answer blowing
    in the tail winds
    that are bringing her to me

    Answers are there for all of life's problems. They can be seen at odd places if one cares to look for them. Nicely Tim!


  13. Back for another read and got even more out of it this time.....may she come, all golden and shiny-happy, and splash sunshine all over your world!

  14. Sounds like you're getting a hard shot of the same kind of sunshine we've seen here in Florida of late -- pure Casa Dragones tequila, intoxicating sun dew. Amen, bring her on.

  15. The mind's belly button has a lot to answer for! LOL :)