Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I wait

you disappear
I have adapted to the uncertainty
having studied the meaninglessness
of everything
as belief slips away

The celibate angels

are heading home
bleeding from the mouth

These diminutive princesses

are walking with a phantom
eyes filled with sleep

Glasses are lifted

A muted announcer

a dark-eyed lover
a tipsy comedian
imitates a woman
violently histrionic

You're as freaky

as a Fellini movie
those painted faces
in a room full of rogues

But the critics

questioning the old notions
have forgiven the abstract world
and so must I

So I wait

through the long summer
for the sun to set
in some gilded autumn sky
and you to come breezing by


  1. This is just fascinating. Your "celibate angels" "bleeding from the mouth" create quite the vivid image.

  2. WOW, Timo, this is a fantastic write. So many riveting images: the celibate angels bleeding from the mouth, the diminutive princesses......stellar writing. Just brilliant. Dark and real.

  3. the celibate angels is def a strong image...especially them beaten up...really interesting progression of this from image to image...we differ on the meaninglessness but i appreciate the way you wrote it....smiles.

  4. RAZZAMADAZZLE: It does. What happened with them?

    SHERRY: Much appreciated!

    BRIAN: It seems to be up to each of us to find our own meaning in a world where any kind of intrinsic meaning is not evident.

  5. Aahhh...this is so fascinating...strong cruel, enjoyed it :)

  6. Studying the meaningless...belief slips away...interesting...

  7. SADIA: Thanks so much for stopping by!

    : M.J : Nice to see you...I like your shoes.

  8. This is poetry! What a set of images you have offered the reader, and you have tied them to our darkest emotions.

    The celibate angels
    are heading home
    bleeding from the mouth...

    I wish I had written that!

  9. KERRY: Thank you, dahling. Just goes to show that celibacy ain't all it's cracked up to be.

  10. What you write reminds me of a cartoon I saw on a friend's wall when I was in college.

    On it the caption: "life is a meaningless interruption to an otherwise peaceful non-existence."

    Over the years, I've found this freeing. If there is no meaning to my life other than what I give it, that is excellent. Each moment, each sensation of touching the corduroy, is mine.i am here experiencing the magic of being a sentient being.

    You seem to be saying something like that as you write about the golden autumnal light as the day eases into night.

  11. ARLENE: "Life is a meaningless interruption to an otherwise peaceful non-existence." I love that--it sums up in one sentence what certain philosophers wrote volumes trying to get across.
    If you pinned me down, my best guess would be that this is play, (a word with multiple meanings in this context) and most of us are taking it way too seriously. On the other hand, the trick to is to play the game with abandon--just like a tennis player involved in an intense match--but always keep in the back of our mind that it IS a game, and when it is over, we all take our racquets and go home, have a shower, eat dinner, and start thinking about what's next. It's not the end of existence, it's just the end to this particular game.

  12. Catnip cast a spell ... pawe-sitivly freakily yours, cat

  13. CAT: Where are you...or there you are, in the cat box--you know you've been in there for about an hour, and we're going to be late for the party!

    1. You were angry with this cat earlier ... so I thought, I better stay in box ... :)

  14. So many do the war dance but so few take the scalp. ~Mary

  15. MARY: I don't hear that kind of wisdom too often ...THANKS!

  16. heck..the angels bleeding from the mouth made me swallow..goodness..tight images...loved the Fellini movie and the painted faces in a room full of rogues

  17. CLAUDIA: Thank you so much, oh nomadic one!