Monday, April 15, 2013


Imaginary Garden With Real Toads--d'Verse Poets Pub

Their gracious host
The Good Samaritan Veterinarian
grabs the gringa
and bolts for the door of the cantina  

A mad dash

and a merry chase
across the park ensues

Farm Boy 

who has only an hour's familiarity 
with the healing properties of tequila
sensing that shortly
it will purge his system
is now playing catch up

Should have seen it coming

down here
with her blonde hair
blue eyes
and white Levis

Back at the "Pukemobile"

(it ain't easy bein' green)
all are polite 
in the gilded night

The doc generously offers to drive

in fits and starts
down dead-end streets
back tracking 
plowing over road signs
and in the back
laying low 
Farm Boy narrowly avoids 
the blow back of his paramour's barf
out the open window 
into the warm breeze
of a tropical night
(the old Beetle living up to its name at last) 

At the hotel

two boys on the steps
look quizzically at the little entourage
as Boy volunteers "Borracho"
by way of explanation

They shake their heads knowingly

already familiar 
in their tender years 
with the spectacle 
of shit-faced gringos
bouncing off the walls
with lecherous Latinos
in hot pursuit 

Regrouped sufficiently now

to  wonder 
can they reach the room in time
to ditch the doc
but his foot wedged
inside the door
brings the promise of more 

Boy hangs on desperately

to the bed
as the room spins
like a carnival ride

You are sick my friends

Samaritan says
(another  debt of gratitude they owe--
the animal doctor has diagnosed them for free!)
providing wet towels
for their heads

There is a lull in the action...


and disparaging his ancestry
Blondie's jeans 
are down
her ankles
the bespectacled
man of medicine
lowering himself onto her...

But access to the moving target

is denied

A momentary stalemate

as in the spaghetti westerns
right before the climactic scene...

(Boy's passivity stems not only 

from an inability to discern up from down
but from a morbid curiosity
to see how she will handle it--
having invited the "nice man" against
his better judgement to begin with )

The question becomes moot
as the doc
feeling he's beat
appears to be heading for the door
but not before 
he takes matters into his own hand
and stops to fire a parting shot 
across the bow
his aim true
strafing the both of them with his seed
as they lie there
too pathetic 
and stupefied 
to care

If  ever you run out of gas

In Mexico City
beware the Good Samaritan Veterinarian...
that guy's an animal

"Tequila Sunset" is from  the author's forthcoming memoir in poetry--just don't know yet when it will be forthcoming!


  1. This sounds like a lesson well-learned. If ever I'm in Mexico, I'll avoid an excess of tequila and dodgy vets!

  2. Forthcoming soon, I hope! This is epic ....

  3. You are a man of either many and varied adventures, or an extraordinary imagination. Never trust anyone who wants to help you when you're borracho--words to live by.

  4. A memoir in poetry - and by Timoteo. I cant wait!!!!!

  5. KERRY: I think you have grasped the moral of the story!

    HELEN: Thanks, I'm workin' on it.

    HEDGEWITCH/JOY: My life has been strange, to say the least, and you haven't heard the half of it!

  6. SHERRY: Thanks for the encouragement on that!

  7. Very disturbing. I know Mexico is beautiful, but I would never risk a visit. Sorry.

  8. Surreal. True or fiction, it's a story vividly told.

  9. I like the strange quality to this, a superb infusion, intoxicating!

  10. Oink City, I'd say ... Farm boy should have stayed on the farm ...

  11. What a tale to tell! I've never even tasted tequila.

  12. MARGARET: If you've never been, you should go at least once and roll the dice.
    ELLECEE: That's what Farm Boy said!
    LOREDANA: Thanks so much, and welcome to my humble abode.
    POPPY: Ha, yes...people are strange when you're a stranger, and being a stranger in this strange land, my life has been pretty...ah...strange.
    CAT: Farm Boy got a lot of his education away from the farm--and much of it in Mexico!

  13. COLLEEN: If you do, just remember...a little goes a loooooonnnnngggg way!

  14. Goodness this was riot ~ Good luck on this publication ~ Looks like a lot of fun ~

  15. Mexico city isn't anything like that, Timoteo. Now, the outskirts of Oaxaca offer that type of adventure I think. I got a good laugh out of this.


  16. MYSTIC MOM: ah you know me well

    HEAVEN: yeah and a gooey time was had by all

    OAXACA NOW i got picked up by a carload of girls while standing on the corner but that is another story

  17. oh heck...if i ever go there, i make sure my tank is well filled...ha...good luck with the forthcoming memoir in poetry...sounds cool

  18. A great tale! Happy adventures.

  19. What a has certain fun and beat to it...Awesome!

  20. A strange, sorry, tale. I've had my own problems with tequila.

    Fun idea, this memoir.