Saturday, April 16, 2011


cat sleeping
on the TV remote--
searched for it all day

air traffic controller
asleep at the switch...
in his dream he's flying

the royal wedding
is such a bore
I'll enjoy the royal divorce much more


  1. I say we just go right to the divorce part of the marriage and save us all from the misery of the proceedings, and the inevitable; "is Kate anorectic and unable to conceive?" "Is William cheating on her already?" I liked your poem. It cracked me up but it also made scary sense in a crazy world.

  2. SHARON,
    Jerry Seinfeld said the royal wedding was "ABSURD," a circus atmosphere, and "These are not special people." Thank God somebody had the stones to speak up and point out that the emperor has no clothes.
    It has always amazed me how many unspecial people in this world get lavished with all the misplaced reverence and attention from those who have no lives of their own !

  3. Well, just don't stop by my blog April 29th, if you happen to be in the area.

    I'm not all gaga, but I do like a good wedding, especially with so many ghosts about.

    Loved your poem, anyway. : )

  4. Hee hee - loved the remote hiding under the cat!

  5. I like these three!
    __Too, we've now learned that our V.P., must once have been an air traffic controller.

  6. THINGY,
    I'll watch it only if Kate wears that see through outfit she was modeling.

    Looked under everything except the cat !

    Thanks for the follow!

    He may want to go back to that career after the election !!! LOL

  7. 2 funny out of 3. 3rd one is chilling.

  8. You always make me laugh, the last 2 ROCK!!! :)

  9. Nice collection. Ditto the last.

  10. Lovely assortment

  11. fine poetry,
    you never disappoint.
    Thanks for sharing.


  12. The first two are about sleeping for sure. First one sleeping down,
    second, sleeping high,
    third, sleeping around?

  13. Simple little phrases.... yet deeply connected in a complex world. Nicely done.

  14. ahaha! fun eh! :)

  15. Each displays your sense of humour to a tee!

  16. The air traffic controller is my favorite - an almost poignant image of longing.

  17. smiles... nice with an imposing end.

  18. I really loved the one about the remote!
    9 times out of ten every day my missing remote is under my cat!

    and the royal divorce oh had me in stitches!


  19. DAN,
    I think you've "nailed" it--so to speak !

    One day I couldn't find my cat--he was UNDERNEATH THE REMOTE !!!

    BOOGULOO, LYNNAIMA, JAMIE, MAROUSIA, JINGLE, REFLECTIONS, BENDEDSPOON, KERRY, PHOTODICTION, KODJO: It's so great to see you...take off your clothes and stay awhile !!!

  20. cute! btw tim, dan is such a great conceptual analyser you got to give it to him! here's my potluck..

  21. i think me and the cat might be having words...and i am so over the royal wedding...ugh...

  22. you're a funny guy :)

    and, i just might be the only girl who doesn't care about the royal wedding. i was starting to think something was wrong with me.

  23. Amen on the last one--all a royal pain to me. But divorce is so tabloid, it's delectable when wrapping the fish and chips.

  24. LORI,
    No, there's something wrong with a lot of other people !

    And so delicious when you consider all the money that was blown on pomp and mean circumstance !

    Yeah, you gotta hand it to Dan. Would you hand it to Dan for me? Thanks.

    I KNEW there were still a few sane people out there !

  25. You've been reading the headlines! Did you catch the one today about the First Lady's plane? The controller had it landing while a huge cargo plane was attempting take-off from Andrews. Fortunately, disaster averted.

  26. LOL! Yeah what makes the headline. woopedoo :)
    I loved the way you approach it. :0

    My one shot is Oracle of the feminine. It isn't the posted one today.

  27. MAUREEN,
    What's with the controllers lately? They're out of control !

    Okay...I'm going with the flow !

  28. I totally wasn't expecting a laugh tonight. Thanks for that!
    I'm going to poke around your blog for a bit. I'm always up for being scintillated!

  29. Great let's not give up on the royal wedding quite yet. We've all had such depressing news-- perhaps it will be loverly. xxxj

  30. Interesting assortment of a compendium of a slice of life in three separate slices that is.. .

    My cat sits on the keys...drives me crazy


  31. In my house, the cat would have hidden the remote. Hidden it well.

  32. MARI,
    Welcome aboard ! Hope you like what you find.

    Oh, woooooooooooouldn't it be loverly...

    It's the reaching underneath them to retrieve your keys that can get dicey !

    PATTI,'s nice to have someone to blame it on, eh?

  33. LOVE this!!

    Let's give them at least 10 years, tho. :)

  34. I give them until the prince develops a thing for father, like son !

  35. Funny, my sister originally wanted to be a pilot, but her eyesight didn't make the grade, so she became an air traffic controller for exactly one week before PATCO and RR screwed her over, and now she's a flight attendant.

    Maintaining certain relics (things, traditions, lineages) allows us to remember times past when some things were better and some were worse. That, and if they did away with the monarchy, they'd have to develop another way to select and term a head of state.

  36. KOBICO,
    Hey, welcome back ! The kids still miss you ! :)

    Timing is everything--bad timing for your sister on that one.

    I hear what you're saying about tradition, and jolly old England wouldn't be the same without it. But I think there is a point where a line is crossed--when obscene amounts of money are spent to mark an occasion--such as a wedding--for people who have contributed nothing of consequence toward the betterment of society, but merely enjoy their high position and celebrity as a result of being born into it.

    We've got it all backwards...weddings should be humble, low key affairs, marked by reflection on the seriousness of the step you are taking. If a couple stays together and makes it work for a reasonable amount of time, THEN have a big celebration because you've actually accomplished something !

  37. Given the relative divorce rate, perhaps what weddings represent have changed with the times. But I disagree that relics are inconsequential -- I think the disagreement is in which relics are worthy of mass spending. To wit, the French spend their money on Museums and we throw ours at the Pentagon. It's all a difference of priorities :)

    As for this particular wedding, I believe the bulk of it was paid with private funds, although the State may have paid for the increased security and cleaning costs required for the event.

  38. KOBICO,
    And that's a lot of cleaning up after all those horses !