Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Been sittin round drinkin
and just got to to thinkin
bout what I got and what I ain't
and why I don't just go home
but sure as I do I'll miss it...
cause I'm still waiting for The Revolution

Now I ain't got fifteen hippies
sleepin on my floor
and a couple others tryin to crawl in through the window
and some chick I never seen before
in my shower when I get up to take a leak
all laughin and pokin fun at me
for havin a JOB I go to in the mornings

And I ain't got no sweet young thing
that I call my old lady
but I got an old lady
that I call my old lady
and I ain't got hair
growin down to my ass
but I got some on it...
and I'm still waiting for The Revolution

Ain't got two fingers to flash y'all the peace sign
but I got one in the middle
that seems to work better these days
and I ain't feedin my head
or listenin to The Dead
but I'm livin the high life just the same
thanks to Mr. Miller...
still waiting for The Revolution

And there's no Tricky Dick
to sell me a used car
or that phony war to tug at my gut
There was only Slick Willie
who didn't inhale
still pullin our leg...
still waiting for The Revolution

No Gil Scott-Herron spittin angry words
goin round and round on my turntable
the closest to you-know-what he ever got
and my giant Stokely Carmichael poster
is off the wall
but aren't we all
and I ain't got no Jimi or Janis
or Ten Years After
but now its like FORTY years after
and here I sit...
still waiting for The Revolution

Now I know I had my mojo workin
at one time or another
but I think the batteries went dead
and it's probably just as well
cause nobody wants to make it anymore
at the drop of a hat
but lots of folks are willin to pass theirs around
if I'll just put somethin in it...
still waiting for The Revolution

And maybe I did lose a few billion
brain cells somewhere along the way
and maybe my personality's a little wooden
but I'm no dummy
cause there's somethin in those youthful eyes
I think I recognize
you with the dreadlocks
and your little friend with the nipples
grandstanding beneath her shirt
it's that look that's more hopeful than wise
cause I can see that you
are waiting for The Revolution too


  1. There is so much about this poem that I adore, that I can't pick out any particular stanza or line that spoke to me because it all did. What an amazing poem, Tim.

  2. A lot of growing up required, especially among the female comrades --- the sentimentalism, the sympathies, the fears, the tears have no place in revolution, they don't know :)

    ...and then to have the child alive - I am also waiting :)

    Good one, Timoteo :)


    ps: have been reading regularly, though have not been commenting,

  3. Not just enough to say "good" -- it speaks so much about what many lives are and have been....I come from a family of revolutionaries...and the female comrade thing was what my father said....the more I grow old, the more I realise how true he was ,

    And Kerala was mired in the aftermath of communist revolution....globalisation is the new revolution, there,

    A movie "echo of the rainbows" showing Hong Kong's plight -- perhaps you will like it, :)


  4. its "Echoes of the Rainbow"


  5. Pretty darn good my friend, it's a song to be...really ;)

  6. TALON,
    So glad you liked it :)

    So happy to hear from you again--I missed your comments, but nice to know that you were there all along!
    I'll have to check out that film.

    Thanks...some of us still have a "hangover" from those days :)

  7. Tim, your poem sparked a memory/thought...and I wrote one at "Certain Kind of Woman" blog (not anything near to this...just surfaced the mind...I've given your link there...Hope thats okay to do :)


  8. I think that as long as the powers that be can keep the masses mollified with cheap junk food, televisions and tchotchkes, you will still be waiting.

  9. DEVIKA,
    I loved "...smoked the fire of revolution into my eyes" from LOVE REVOLUTION...beautiful poem...and thanks for linking to me! (Also, can't say enough about your other poems that precede that one as well..."intoxicating" is all I can say!)

    Thanks for your insightful comment. You are echoing something that I often say (to others, or just to myself if no one will listen).
    Which is: As long as we can hang onto our SUVs and giant screen TVs, Americans don't really care about what goes on in the world--or thinking about changing it.

  10. WOW! I agree with Lorraine, that would make a great song!! Incredible as always!!

  11. Oh thats nice to hear...actually poems does that for me -- "intoxication" :)

    thank you Tim :)


  12. CINDY,
    Thanks for your comment and for just being there!

    We are both "drunk" with passion!

  13. I can3hear this is a folk song, strum strum strum. Had you been at the Harmony Festival at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds this past week-dn, you'd have been reminded of the glory days of hippiedum. Different causes, but the same fervor to change the world. Yawn, I've seen this play before - yet, sometimes I catch a whiff of the passion and hope - 'cause we humans seem bound and determined to make ourselves extinct in the not-all-that-distant future.

  14. I meant - I can hear this as a folk song . . week-end

  15. ARLENE,
    You're so right...we're doing a good job of extinguishing the wildlife now...WE'RE NEXT after that.

  16. ...there's somethin happening here, what it is ain't exactly clear...

  17. TERI,
    ...everybody look what's goin down...

  18. __The more we are addressed with condescension, the more quickly we "The Condescended" will calmly ascend... and peacfully revolve.

    __We, they suggest, have little understanding of our government's function; our lack of intellect.
    __Mayhaps... we should improve our intellect prior to the next elections, and cast our votes with more INTELLECT.

  19. MAGYAR,
    So true...the revolution must first occur in our minds. Then, the electorate must begin to open its eyes and realize that the stranglehold the two major parties have had on the system has not been good for our country, and stop voting by simple allegiance to a party (out of habit) and realize that ANYONE can win if we truly open the process up to third and fourth and fifth party candidates, and begin voting for the BEST candidate--not just the one who is perceived as having the best chance to win!

  20. funny, last night I tore words out of a magazine, for fun, 'cause you know I like playing with words...and that is what the three torn pieces said:
    One window
    no compromise

    That would be a helluva poem if you had planned it that way--the fact that it was serendipitous makes it an AMAZING poem!

  22. Thanks , I like...maybe I'll post it ;)