Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Just once I'd like to hear
what her eyes are saying
they draw me in
where I am lost in a labyrinth
of yes
or maybe
fool enough to think
there might be a pathway to her heart

I wonder if she's considered
that fantasy can turn to reality
with just two clicks
of the magic slippers

And does she have an inkling
this kindred spirit
that to me
hers is always the most
captivating presence in the room?

If I could write some lines
that would sing
to her sensibilities
I'd bray beneath her window
under the gibbous moon
making a massive ass of myself
praying for some kind of sign


  1. I think you should do it, Tim. Well, not make an ass of yourself because I don't think you would. But I think you should make some form of declaration. I think you'd definitely get a sign then and you wouldn't have to second guess.

  2. The imagery is so beautiful, like a dream...but dreams have a way of turning into nightmares, when it's not meant to be

  3. TALON,
    I'll take your advice to heart, for future reference that is. This poem was written a while back, so it's not a current situation.

    What would we do without the voice of "Romantic Cynicism" to keep us all from going off the deep end? LOL