Tuesday, December 8, 2009


You worshiped him
Not because of who he was inside--
you never KNEW who he was...
You worshiped him because he could knock
A little white ball
Around a glorified cow pasture.
Not a skill that contributes a lot to the world.
But YOU worshiped him.
He had the pulpit
And could have weighed in
On the state of the world--
Could have STOOD for something.
But he always played it close to the vest.
Don't want no controversy HERE.
Now we know why...
He preferred the HORIZONTAL position.
You never cared about who he was--
Now you're acting disillusioned.
Go back to worshiping people
For some meaningless skill they possess...
Or maybe the size of their fake boobs...
And shut your IDIOTIC pie hole.


  1. ...isn't it worshipping? And I never did, but you're right, we never really knew him...

  2. "A little white ball
    Around a glorified cow pasture" == As long as there are golf lovers, they will be worshipped :)

    We never knew anyone when we came, Tim...We are supposed to have a past, slowly we come to know, yet we still don't know....Worship, or no worship; not to be disillusioned is our responsibility/sensibility (education is to serve that purpose I guess)

    "He preferred the HORIZONTAL position" --- I think we all prefer the HORIZONTAL position at the lowest heights possible...and hence possibly on the ground..the position of least "gravity" :)

    As they say, he is but human, the onlooker/worshipper too is human...susceptible to weaknesses....

    BUT yes, it could have been better if one could have STOOD for something! :)
    But I doubt for the 'Horizontals' its universal love :)

    Good read, Tim :)

    I just wrote it all....Hope it makes sense :)


  3. Hey Tim, Canadians worship dancers in pool...and I betcha anything that some graceful dancers occasionally let out a few bubbles...are you going to bring them down, or shall I?

  4. Well said Tim. He plays golf and he cheated on his wife. Is that really any of our business? Just because he has a public persona doesn't mean we as the public own him.

    I'd say his wife is experiencing enough humiliation without this all being played out on the world stage by the media. And what's with these women cashing in just because they bedded the man? Have they no self respect at all? It really makes me cross. Not that they had sex with him, they are consenting adults, but because they have chosen to make money from someone elses misery.

    Sorry...I will stop blogging in your box now :(

  5. Tim, what Lorraine says interest it very necessary for You or her to bring those down --- can't they let them be? :)

    we have been doing that all the


  6. Well on behalf of me, I can't speak for Tim, but you're missing the point here sweetie, read again

  7. Okay may be, Lorraine....if i'm wrong, just leave it my sweethearts -- I just want them all to stay, and possibly stay happily :)


    ps: Tim, sorry that this is becoming a communication platform...hope you understand our concerns :)

  8. For some reason we (generically speaking) take secret delight in seeing the rich and famous knocked off their pedestals - pedestals WE (society in general) have put them on. Let's face it, they would not be there if 'we' had not enabled them. How we have become this way is a mystery to me - why 'worship' and give our money to a golfer/singer/actor/politician instead of an educator/cancer researcher/contributor to society?

    As for his private life and cheating on his wife, that is none of our business, and certainly shouldn't be headline news! Yes, he gave the facade of a happily married husband/father who was protecting the private side of his life, while behind the scenes he was screwing other women. Why should that affect us?That's just sad for everyone involved personally, especially the children somewhere down the road. But this should not be our entertainment!

    I think there's more behind the story than him being an ass. He was given glory too early in a life that his father pushed him toward. He's only 33 years old and has more 'financial power' than anyone should have, but he doesn't have the maturity or life experience to make good decisions! And he's surrounded by yes-men and facilitators!

    And look at who he was screwing around with - low on the totem pole waitresses, models, and porn stars! Huh? He could afford high price call girls, and he choose women who would be especially enamored of his status as a wealthy 'star'.

    Sadly, this story will continue to play out before our eyes like that proverbial accident that we can't pass without staring. I don't see it ending well for anyone concerned.

  9. ...and what of the children?
    __The rings remain, long after the stone strikes the water.

  10. DING DING DING...Round 2 Devika vs Lorraine ! Don't worry about it sweeties, feel free to respond in any way you like and to whomever you like...I'll just enjoy the sideshow !

    I don't believe a person's private life should be fodder for the talk shows, but it's inevitable with celebrities because, well, who's to tell the media that they can't? But the main point is why don't we "worship" those who have truly contributed something to society? I know Tiger gives to charity, (and most celebrities do--I think mainly because they're under scrutiny and it would look bad if they didn't) but compare his focus in life to someone who works to save the environment or feed the needy--most get little recognition. OUR priorities are screwed-up when we create so much fortune and fame for those who do little to deserve it, if you take a higher perspective on things.
    And I'm a sports fan too, occasionally even watch golf...but wouldn't go out of my way to meet any of them.

    By the way--technically speaking, golf is not a SPORT. Anything you do in STREET CLOTHES is a GAME--like chess or Monopoly. People who participate in SPORTS wear UNIFORMS and get dirty !

    You are right on the money about everything ! It is my opinion, however, that Tiger will make a comeback (just like Bill Clinton, Kobe Bryant, etc.) within a year and be almost as big as ever. The public tends to forget these kinds of "transgressions" after a while, and goes back to their same old misplaced hero worship.

    You are also right, but this is America, and any way to make a buck (just about) is permitted and encouraged.

    So true...they are the mostly forgotten ones in this whole story. I think it remains up to their father to shape the rest of his life in a way that his kids can be proud of him.

  11. for 'the size of their fake boobs'?? hahaha
    this is actually pretty funny

  12. MANJU,
    Yeah, I've never figured out why, if something is so obviously fake, (and those things are, in most cases)then why have them? Isn't the idea of faking something supposed to be so that nobody can tell the difference?

  13. hahah! I LOVE that Ding Ding Ding! :)
    (But no, its not a fight.....we are good friends :))

    "But the main point is why don't we "worship" those who have truly contributed something to society?"

    Mahatma Gandhi is least popular among the Youth in India == they worship Micheal Jackson more....well, Commercial media is definitely the culprit!

    People who participate in SPORTS wear UNIFORMS and get dirty !

    Dirt is a part of far as its only clothes, its okay I guess....I know I may be promoting some players -- but then, what fun if we take it all out! :)

    A little singing, a little dance, a little sports -- we all love the fun of it, i guess :)


  14. Yes, dirty fun...I'm in favor of that !

  15. DEV!!! you're ruined my joke! did you get it Tim? lol

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  17. Oh thanks Tim :)

    And You know Lorraine....sometimes one has to dissect the fun, and watch it go into thin air.....we all believe we are the most intelligent nuts!! (i hate the word 'clever' as it suggests foxy! brains that go with love could be called intelligent -- thats my definition,

    anyway, the bigger is still up there in the beware when you talk between will all be ruined, reversed and then again ruined....we are the little nuts from India! :))

    Tim, thats for you to enjoy :)


    ps: typos :)

  18. Bubbles in the wine
    Are totally fine
    But bubbles in the pool?'ve just blown your cool !

  19. I think it's funny that someone's over-active sex life is the fodder for the 6 o'clock news...but then I find a lot of news strange.

  20. This was a fun post, Tim...lots of action here...LOL!

    I think we should leave Tiger and his wife and children alone. Let them work it out and hopefully they will be able to stay together and have a long and happy life! Everyone makes mistakes and who are we to judge what is right for them in their relationship. Love and sex are complicated. The most important thing is if they love each other and can work it out, good for them. Everyone in their business only makes that more difficult to do! It is so frustrating to me when the media gets all over people's private business.

    Great post, Tim! That was fun :)

  21. TALON,
    Thanks for dropping by ! We've gone from what used to be called "hard news" to more of a celebrity gossip focus in our newscasts...come to think of it, though, maybe this is "hard" news after all !

    How simple it would be if Tiger's wife would just say, "Yeah, I knew he was like that in the I forgive the big schlump." End of controversy. Tiger goes back to being worshiped and making his obscene profits, and everybody's happy again. (Somehow, I don't think that's gonna happen !)

  22. If he signs a new pre-nup giving her oodles of cash much sooner, it just might...LOL

  23. Timoteo - LOL! Yeah, but hard news like that is hardly fun if you're only reading about it ;)

  24. KELLY,
    Isn't signing a pre-nup admitting eventual failure even before you've begun???

    Yes !!! I wonder how much of the hand wringing and gnashing of teeth over this is due to jealousy by people who wish THEY had been in his place !