Thursday, April 28, 2011


Poetry Potluck


see the world

as black and white

expanded sports coverage

on the 10 o'clock news...

bingo highlights


has been outlawed in France--

won't give up his burka

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Poetry Potluck
One Shot Wednesday

Marie sits in a bar called Blue Montana and plays a song on the jukebox titled "Tomorrow Is Just Another Ache In My Heart." Cowboys amble over like the lazy August wind and ask her to dance. She looks each of them hard in the eye--but only for a moment until she is sure--then politely declines.

Lately, when they hit on her, she takes a new tack. "I'M NOT OF THIS WORLD," she says, with no further explanation. Most of them will stand there for a moment, as if trying to grasp the significance of such a statement, then totter away.

Jimmy, the owner, stands watch over her and tells tales of bygone days up north, where the sky follows along like a gun riding on your hip. Above the bar sits a picture of a horse. A roan mare named Sunshine. Jimmy's one true love. She wandered off one big sky morning, and though he searched for days, it was like some giant spaceship had come along and spirited her away. In his dreams he still sees her, running free beside a rippling stream, and he wonders if it's just possible...

But it's been years now.

Jimmy doesn't have a lot to do with women anymore. Says they're as fickle as that mare, maybe more so...'cept for Marie, of course. Talk gets around. The cowboys think she's a little tetched, so they mostly leave her alone now. Which is fine with Jimmy. He's the only one who knows her real story. Eastern city gal who came out west and fell for a drifter who let her down hard. Now she sits in Blue Montana , playing the sad songs and bending his sympathetic ear.

They are together...and they are alone. As those who grieve are alone together.

But she likes watching Jimmy move, and sometimes a primitive kind of feeling comes over her and she gets the urge to nuzzle...but why does she think of it that way? That word.

And though she will not yet fess up to it, Jimmy feels that she is slowly becoming of THIS world. His world. And he will tame her--slowly building her trust until she is eating out of his palm. Someday, she will shed the blanket of her pain and come out whole again.

And he will be there.

But now, the sun is dropping and she is headed home. She stops in the doorway--her chestnut mane suffused with the soft fire of twilight, and says, " just another ache in my heart."

Saturday, April 16, 2011


cat sleeping
on the TV remote--
searched for it all day

air traffic controller
asleep at the switch...
in his dream he's flying

the royal wedding
is such a bore
I'll enjoy the royal divorce much more

Saturday, April 9, 2011


I never thought it would come to this...

After happy days and high school plays
Willie Mays and back seat lays
Shadrack Horshak Abednego
and Zeke The Talking Raccoon
after the wheels in my head that wouldn't stop spinning
like a record going round
they wouldn't stop spinning
after getting starstruck
after getting struck by stardom
after I stepped up to the plate
after I stepped up to the mike
after the groupies that hung around
black white and brown
who thought I was something
that I was but wasn't
after all the times I was alone
when I thought that I wasn't
after the receptionist turned pale
and told me I looked like her deceased husband
after I rolled over
played dead
and fetched his bedroom slippers
and tried to fill them
after taking the boss's wife to Mexico on a lark
after gassing up at Texaco and peeing in the park
after the drunks and the skunks and the punks
after the first of the Mohicans
and last of the Puerto Ricans
after Woodstock and Plymouth Rock
after the monkeys and the junkies and the flunkies
after the freaks and the Greeks and the geeks
after golden showers and happy hours

I never thought it would come to this...

After my guru told me that life
is like trying to piss on your shadow
while doing the Macarena
(an Indian guru if you believed all the buzz
though an Indiana guru in fact he was)
after all the rejection in my search for perfection
finding Cinderella's glass slipper
and the hobnail boot she planted up my butt
After the good Samaritan veterinarian in Mexico City
yanked her Levis down to her ankles
and shot his wad in a shotgun blast that peppered us both
as we lay there in a stupor


After casually tossing the condom that had served its purpose
out the hotel room window in Managua
hearing it splat onto the sidewalk
and someone shouting: AVE MARIA !

I never thought it would come to this...

After all the false starts and missed connections
and what ifs and what the fugs
after to give as good as you git
is to no longer give a shit
after all the days and nights
in the prison of my own desire
all the bittersweet days I remember
in an updated and romanticized version of life
the images colliding like sub-atomic particles
as a thousand million bursting stars
explode in a never ending climax
expanding ever farther into the reaches of space

I never thought it would come to this...

Face to face

at this moment

in this place...

and neither did you

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

TIMOTEO'S SENRYU STEW (eat slowly...and savor)

hacking up a hairball
onto the carpet--
cat licks himself again

beauty contestant stumbles
regains composure--
expletive deleted

coyotes howl
pampered pooches chime in...
call of the wild

Friday, April 1, 2011

cactus needles
in my butt--
splinter group

taco stand
tasty burritos ...
off to find some Beano

she gives enemas
for a living--
bottoms up