Friday, July 12, 2013


One day
In Pompeii
they were right in the middle of it
rutting like dogs
and then the explosion
the eruption
and not the one that
they were anticipating

talk about a buzz kill

hold that pose
(page thirty-four
of the Kama Sutra)

Life is about 
keeping it all in perspective
so when your day
suddenly dumps on you
you can thank your lucky stars
that at least it's not a day
like that one day
they had in Pompeii 


  1. no joke man...thats a bad day for sure...and imagine being stuck in that pose forever...the cramps...but if you have to go out might as well be with a smile....

  2. BRIAN: Sometimes you don't know if you're coming or going...they thought they were doing the former, but they were really doing the latter.

  3. Wonder what happened to the nine lives of all the cats in Pompeii ... my heartfelt condolences to each and every one of them ... meow ...

  4. CAT: Animals are more sensitive to impending disaster than humans, so hopefully some of the cats "got the hell out of Dodge."

  5. Had me one or two of those days myself lately. I will remember Pompeii when the next one comes along!

  6. SHERRY: And if that doesn't work--remember the Alamo!!!

  7. Yea...that's a good point. We really do need to remember not to take ourselves too seriously! Pompeii is a good reminder.

  8. MARY: So have a nice day, eh?

  9. How true! Perhaps me would take more careful view of our behaviour if the possibility existed it could be immortalized in lava for posterity.

  10. KERRY: Yeah, you could even end up in a museum somewhere ;)

  11. an entirely different perspective on being between a rock and a hard place. ~ M

  12. I read this several days ago but apparently never commented. How like me. But your page was still open. Very much agree with your writing...your perspective of life. At least it wasn't as bad as... Glad I remembered the story to comment without rereading. That says a lot about your writing!

  13. GRAPELING: Rock and a hard place...haha haha..good one!

    LOVEMORESTUDIO: I guess you could say it's set in stone.

    MAGGIE GRACE: Thanks a bunch for coming back-- thought you had gone to the outhouse and got lost on your way back!