Saturday, August 22, 2020


The matter about this matter

is that we created it

mind create matter
mind over matter
and boys and girls
we've lost our fukking minds 

don'cha feel it too?
go the lyrics to the song...
don'cha feel it too?

Well, what's to do?

Burying myself in the immediacy
of the moment
I ignore all else that lurks
outside my sandcastle walls

Ah...I get the feeling
the universe is telling me
it will soon be time to go
(emulating the birds in 
"Who Knows Where The Time Goes")
and it's saying; See, there ain't that much left
for you to miss out on anymore. 
The world is one by one 
closing up shop on the things you love.

Ah, ya know what I mean
just look around 

Pollyanna has left the building

And if you think it's going to get better
all on its own
and magically right itself again 
after this little cosmic glitch--
I'm here to splash some cold water
on that stupidly grinning mug

We're going to have to think our way
out of this one

a crisis of the spirit

We're going to have to call upon
science and religion
our best minds
on the job
(and beyond that...
we should ask ourselves is HE 
the sick comedian
we've always suspected?)

There's no other way
it poured into my heart

there's love
and there's fear
that's it 
the two dynamics of the universe 

And so we're going to have to think
our way out of this one

We're going to have to scratch
and claw our way out of this one

We're going to have to
kick and spit and cuss

We're going to have to go down 
swinging on this one
We're going to have to love ourselves
out of this one


  1. Yes, too tempting to bury oneself in 'the immediacy of the moment'. I vote for thinking and loving. Can we do it enough? Can enough of us do it?

    1. it's the huge question of our times, and it remains to be seen.

  2. Like your use of sandcastle walls all brittle and ready to collapse in this day and time Hoping for better times

  3. Humans are so vain as to think they have any control over natural disasters and epidemics. If we do realise we need to prepare for Covid's of the future we are in a minority as we will revert to being the foolish animals we are.

    1. Thanks for your comment. The question being asked by quantum physics now is does consciousness, or mind, act upon the world, and that is the gist of the poem.

  4. I love your stream of consciousness. I love "closing up shop on the things you love" and the closing line. What's the matter. It's wake up call. Cold is the water.

    1. Thanks so much, Colleen. We are not unwitting victims in our take that mindset is to deny the power of the mind.

  5. you got rhythm, you got craft. you got a story great for my senses. i enjoyed it!

  6. Yup, I'm sure that Pollyanna left the building LONG ago!

  7. Fly free my friend. I will miss your voice.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Fly, my friend ... Now you are free. Love, cat.

  9. We're going to have to love ourselves out oh this one ~~~ just checking in.

  10. sand castle
    tangled with the tide
    sights change

    Ahh, always a thought of nature's renewal; a fresh moon-tide. _m