Monday, February 4, 2013


He's just a nondescript dude
 more polite than most
 no need for posturing
at this stage of the game

The one he's not playing

Saw him at the theater
saw him at the school
saw him at the cafe
in the booth
so calm and cool

Think you're a tough guy
and he looks like a pushover
maybe have a little fun
maybe heap some abuse
but you've just drawn to
the worst hand of your life
with the one you never should choose

Talkin bout the man with nothing to lose

Your woman
your job
your booze
will keep you playing the game
by somebody else's rules
and you'll always stop short
of the things he might choose

That man with nothing to lose

Who knows when
the proverbial straw
came into play
suffice it to say
that life has been exposed
as a game for fools
and he is no longer playing
by anyone's rules

When life's no longer
what it seems
you walk along in a dream
a slow motion movie
where there is no sound
and people's eyes appear
to be screaming
and you wonder
in a curious way
if it has anything to do
with you

Saw him at the theater
saw him at the school
saw him at the cafe
in the booth
so calm and cool

And afterward
the afterword
is how did we fail him
but that's easy because
day by day
and each and every day
we shuffle along in a dream
where we wanted to reach out
we had it in our minds
to reach out
we had it on our agenda
to reach out
we had it on our calendar
to reach out
but somehow
we just didn't
and so it's easy to discern
just where we went wrong
my friend
cuz day after day
and each and every day


  1. ouch. Well told, strung along down to its inevitable self-conscious incrimination of the one who knows and doesn't do. Worse than not knowing and not loving is the delay of love.

  2. man, i feel like taping this to my forehead to remind me. or i guess better yet, the insides of my eyelids. yeah we all planned to, but somehow we just didn't. but so much to lose! argh.

  3. but we never took the time to actually do it...there is a huge gap between us...each of us...ever growing as well it seems...we have forgotten many how to love...nice write man...

  4. thoughtful true and and sensitive.this is what leads to, among other things, either suicides or massacres.

  5. ... we have all failed to love.This is the ultimate failing, isn't it? It's really all we're supposed to do. Your poem has great value in reminding us of this.

  6. You've nailed it, kiddo. It's what makes all the talking heads sound so hollow every time there's a tragedy....all the talk of "so this never happens again".....but we all know - it will happen again. Great write, Timo. Love the way it drops down the page to the closing one word lines.

  7. Love fails...I have been there. Love no matter what form it takes romantic or otherwise hurts when it is over. Great write!

  8. When you give love, you recieve love... even if it is simply your appreciation... for that which you had given.

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  10. HEY EVERY BODEEZ...Thanks for the lovely comments...except for the jerk "Anonymous" who keeps spamming me in the comment section and made me counter by going to blog owner approval before comments can appear. Hopefully this is just a temporary measure!

  11. Awww! This makes me feel so sad! But so perfectly composed, as always, Tim.